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Sulafa Hijazi is a Syrian Director, Writer and Producer for educational TV series and other media and film productions for children and family >MORE...

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Text Box: blue.dar : is a digital art production house of the award winning director Sulafa Hijazi. 
And her international team of  experts including artists, writers, researchers, educators, and animators...
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Text Box: blue.dar provides:
- Different types of animation and other digital media and film products for children and families.(Film, Audio, Series, web Etc) 
- As a full service production house blue.dar provide every thing from the Idea to the final product, or any part of it. 

Expect from blue.dar:
Excellent Quality, Highly Efficient Workflow, and Extremely Competitive Rates.
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Text Box: October.13.2010
Text Box: Septemper.19.2010
Text Box: The “Jasmine Birds” Animation feature Film By Director Sulafa Hijazi has been awarded the best animation movie, at the 6th edition of Kazan Film Festival for Muslim’s Cinema in Tatarstan, Russia  2010.
This was the first time that an Arabic animation movie has won an award in this competition.

For more details please click on this link:
Text Box: The “Jasmine Birds” Animation feature Film, By Director Sulafa Hijazi has won the golden butterfly, best full length animation film, at the 24th Hamadan Children’s and Young Adults Film Festival, in Iran 2010. 
10 International animation movies were competed on this prize, from countries such as Iran, Japan, India, Spain, Biro, Germany, Italy.. 

For more details please click on this link: 
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