My world

Tokyo, Japan and Saraqep, Syria 2017

The project consists of workshops that focus on global education through conceptual art practice, targeting children in Saraqep at the north of Syria and the children of Tokyo- Japan. 

The workshops enhance basic understanding about our planet earth, peacebuilding, conflict resolving, and communication through interactive games.

Additionally, each child creates his/her imaginary world by transferring a ball into an art piece.


An art project by Sulafa Hijazi.

produced by Kineko international children film festival in Tokyo, with the partnership of blue dar production- Berlin, And the cooperation of Al Caravan Syria.

Trainers: Walid Abu Rashid, Fayhaa Alshwash, Aska Moro Kishi, Yukari.

Camera: Samir al husien, Husien Al Hasan.

Thanks: Khaldoun Al Batal, Ziad Adwan, Mitsu Tahira